Oxbury Bank

Oxbury Bank

Oxbury is the first UK specialist agricultural bank, the only bank that has a singular focus on British farmers. Oxbury provides farmers with the specialised lending they need to run their farms, while providing competitive savings accounts to any individual or business that wants to back British farmers, UK agriculture and its natural capital. 

In 2019 Oxbury began working with Forest Carbon to address the carbon emissions from its operations, and the personal emissions of its staff.

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Oxbury Bank at Lanternside phase 2

The vision at Lanternside is to create habitats that will support priority species. The project will join up existing habitat networks such as ancient woodlands that will increase connectivity and reduce fragmentation.  The woodland is in a Red Squirrel buffer zone and includes red squirrel friendly... Read more

Oxbury Bank at Doddington North

Doddington North is the largest planned new productive forest to be  planted in England in the last 25 years. The forest will cover an area of around 350 hectares near Wooler, in Northumberland, with 268 hectares to be planted – 42%  conifer, 20% native broadleaves, 13% mixed Scots pine and... Read more

Oxbury Bank at MKL Wood

MKL Wood is an addition to the 2014 planting at Maddie's Wood - extending the area of native woodland by a further 2.4 Ha. The site is directly opposite Houghton le Spring Golf Club, on the edge of the town, and is crossed by various well used footpaths. The woodland has been created on grassland... Read more

Oxbury Bank at Rottal phase 3

This third woodland creation project on Rottal Estate is significant due to its reliance on natural regeneration to establish native trees. Focusing on two distinct areas, this project will see the expansion of an area of birch woodland around Eddie’s loch, just northwest of a previous woodland creation... Read more