BoilerJuice is the UK’s number 1 heating oil marketplace. Since being founded by a group of friends in 2004, they have grown in size but their core aim has stayed the same: To help heating oil users to find the best price in their area quickly  and easily so they can keep their home warm, baths hot and family healthy without a worry. Now, they are able to alleviate customers’ worries further by offering subscribers of BoilerJuice Connected the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint by contributing in their monthly payment to the work of Forest Carbon.

Below you will see projects supported by BoilerJuice, and the number of trees at each that its customers are responsible for. 

BoilerJuice Dashboard

trees planted

expected tonnes CO2 capture

hectares of ecosystem restored


BoilerJuice at Spithopeburnhaugh

Spithopeburnhaugh is a native broadleaf woodland, with a small Scots pine element, adjacent to the community of Byrness and the A68 in Northumberland. The project has been planted for carbon capture, and for habitat benefits.  Read more

BoilerJuice at Rarichie

This is a productive coniferous woodland which has been sensitively designed through extensive consultation to include large areas of open ground and scattered Birch and Scots Pine, both for biodiversity and landscape reasons. The project borders the Rosemarkie to Shandwick Coast Site of Special Scientific... Read more