The Fuel Store

The Fuel Store

The Fuel Store was founded in 2016 with the aim of not only being a one-stop shop for fuel and fleet needs and expertise, but also to provide all the necessary information and services to help businesses reduce their fuel consumption and, ultimately, climate impact. 

The Fuel Store recognises that cars and light commercial vehicles account for around 25% of all UK carbon emissions and that despite an overall national reduction in those emissions of 38% between 1990 and 2015, vehicles emissions were up 2.1% over the same period. 

The Fuel Store launched its new Clean Air Partnership in March 2019 to enable its customers to support certified UK woodland creation projects that will not only mitigate the CO2 emissions from their business journeys, but that also contribute a host of other benefits to the country. You can see below the impact so far of the scheme, and some examples of nature based projects The Fuel Store has supported. In addition there is information here on the range of international renewable energy projects also supported.

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The Fuel Store at Balmedie Farm

This project is a predominantly native broadleaf establishment, with a coniferous element both for timber but also as a shelter belt for the native trees. The project also connects some existing fragments of woodland to create a wider habitat benefit. The site is close to the A90 in Aberdeenshire.    Read more

The Fuel Store at Back Greenriggs

The project, part of a larger group at Lowther, represents the conversion of arable and grazing land to sustainable forestry. The projects will all have considerable benefits for wildlife, water quality in local rivers, and downstream flood mitigation.  Read more

The Fuel Store at Keltie phase 2

This project is unashamedly about timber production to meet the UK Government's call for more timber - we are currently the second largest net timber importer in the world and only around 33% of global timber supply is grown sustainably. The woodland It is planted on land where sheep production was no... Read more

The Fuel Store at Doddington North

Doddington North is the largest planned new productive forest to be  planted in England in the last 25 years. The forest will cover an area of around 350 hectares near Wooler, in Northumberland, with 268 hectares to be planted – 42%  conifer, 20% native broadleaves, 13% mixed Scots pine and... Read more

The Fuel Store at International Nature Portfolio

Outside of the UK The Fuel Store's Clean Air Partnership has supported a range of nature based projects, all certified under the VERRA Verified Carbon Standard. Projects include community agro-forestry in Guatemala and Peru, rainforest protection in Guatemela and Peru, and sustainable timber in Uruguay.  Read more