is the UK’s longest-running insurance comparison platform, beginning with car insurance price comparison in 2002.

Sustainability in the automotive sector is an increasingly important topic. With almost a third of the UK’s carbon emissions coming from transport, it’s up to businesses within that sector to mitigate the damage. With that in mind,’s ambition is to become a fully carbon-neutral business.

This journey began in 2020 with the offsetting of the business’s operational carbon footprint. The woodlands in Carmarthenshire and the Outer Hebrides were supported to address the footprint of’s staff. has also developed an initiative to encourage its staff to make conscious decisions that reduce their carbon footprint: Avoid, Reduce, Replace, Offset.

This is an ongoing initiative, with annual offsets of staff emissions to maintain a culture of sustainability within the business. Dashboard

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project(s) at Oban Trumisgarry

Sandwiched between two lochs and right next to the Atlantic Ocean, Trumisgarry is a breath-taking location for a woodland creation project. Sited on a North Uist croft, this woodland will be predominantly native in its composition, with hardy tree species like downy birch and willow chosen due to... Read more at Louisa's Wood 2

Situated in the heart of Carmarthenshire, this new native woodland adjoins existing woodland on its northern edge, meaning that as it grows it will increase the habitat available for wildlife like redstarts, which have their UK stronghold in the woodlands of mid-Wales. The mixture of species, too,... Read more